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1 1/2 hP IHC M
HOT EK magneto
Nice fuel pump
pulley, oiler

needs a fuel tank

2 1/2 hP Economy
real nice original paint
muffler, oiler, bolt on pulley

HOT brass Webster magneto
ran by squirting gas in carb to test
head has a crack

Stone mill
looks like someone already restored it

Taylor Vacuum
Hot Mag
Shouldn't take much to run

1 1/2 HP Cushman Cub
runs good
has pin hole in gas tank
on trucks - back wheel has a piece broke out
Hot EK mag


3-5 LB
Shouldn't take much to get running

2 HP cushman cub
looks ready to go
Brass carb and Magneto

Standard Cream Engine (Paige)
runs very nice ( see video)
hooked to a small air compressor

Small montgomery Ward hammer mill
nice small mill to run at shows

Large Montgomery hammer mill
nice original piece

1 HP IHC Famous
Shouldn't take much to run
Complete with Hopper Cover, Muffler, Pulley, Gas Tank
Great Compression

1 & 1/2 HP Economy
mag is hot
Freeze crack behind the Mag
Igniter bracket has repairs

2 & 1/2 HP R&V
Loosely set together
missing the carb and igniter

3 hP IHC m
nice original
should take much to have running

4 HP Wade
loose and should take much to have running

5 HP Witte
Looks ready to show
good compression
only repair i've noticed is on Bottom of head

6 HP John Deere
someone converted to Spark plug but easily put back
have found no Breaks, cracks, or welds

8 HP Farmers Friend
nice side shaft engine that is seldom seen
Runs great , watch the video

See More About 8 HP Farmers Friend

Large Winch

Red Wing Model
great compression