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15 hp Pattin Bros oilfield ENGINE
previous owner said it is ready to run
Ready to run with a propane tank and regulator
Hot tube ignition
diamond valve

has a repair on water jaCKET (SEE PIC)

20 or 22 1/2 hp Bessemer oilfield engine
runs nice

diamond valve
ready to run with tank and regulator
no welds, breaks, or cracks that I have found
68" x 4" flywheels

6 hp IHC Mogul screen cooled
very nice restoration
Clutch pulley
Will need fuel tank plumbed in
nice complete rarely seen engine
runs nice ( see video)
Only repairs that I have seen are the carb has been welded, repair on exhaust bracket, and part of where the exhaust bolts on, All shown in pictures

Letz burr mill

1 1/2 hp IH M
M style oiler
crank breather
Run nice (see video)

2 hp Gearless Olds model Engine
runs great (see the movie)
wired with low tension coil

show ready
12" flywheels

7 hp Hercules base for half base engine
comes with cylinder bolts
make a full base engine into a portable engine
seldom seen part

3 1/2 HP Jackson (rare)
very nice original engine
nice complete engine
Muffler, Pulley, oiler, hopper cover, nice brass carb
Good compression

Shouldn't take much to have running

Stone mill
looks like someone already restored it

2 HP cushman cub
looks ready to go
Brass carb and Magneto

Large Montgomery hammer mill
nice original piece

8 HP Farmers Friend
nice side shaft engine that is seldom seen
Runs great , watch the video

See More About 8 HP Farmers Friend

Large Winch