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vertical domestic model
runs nice
starts easy
nice looking model
ran with a squirt bottle

even prewired with a coil in the box, just need a battery

? 3 hp lauson
make a nice winter project
head repaired
carb is broken
converted to spark plug

4 hp witte

make a nice winter project
turns over fine
rocker arm broke

missing the pushrod and mag
has a clutch pulley

1 1/2 hp ih m
old style
mag, igniter, pulley, water injection, oiler, breather, fuel pump, crank greaser
shouldn't take much to have running

$750 pending
no b/c/w's
has muffler
missing the carb when I bought it but would run with a lunkenheimer

1 1/2 hp IH M
rare Bosch engine
was restored at one point very nice

waterloo contract engine
guessing size about 3 hp ( flywheels are 22")
head has been brazed (see pic)

6 hp Fairbanks Z
nice solid engine that is loose except the exhaust valve
Head is good
homemade crank guard
wrong mag, has a WICO on it

6 hp Z fairbanks Morse
Good block and flywheels
nice original paint


13 hp National diesel engine
runs nice (watch video)
curved spoke flywheels
comes with pot muffler
sideshaft design

10 hp jones

only thing it needs is gaskets will need replaced
i saw this running at many shows over the years
the old man ended up with dementia And forgot to drain it and head was cracked, but has sense been repared (see pictures)
all plumded up and ready to show once the gaskets have been replaced
Has oilers, hot tube chimney, clutch
even has an accumulater
cooling barrel

10 hp fairbanks morse
I have ran this engine
great compression
no b/c/w's that I've have found
HOT AB33 magneto

rare ek mag set up
no mag on it
everything loose
saw has been broke and will need repared

10 hp Stover
this is a very big engine
39 1/2" X 3" flywheels
turns over fine
missing the mag and carb
has the fuel pump and crank guard
have not found any freeze cracks
piston has a chunk missing (see pictures)

3 hp Novo direct drive pump unit
complete with compression
has EK magneto mount but no mag
direct coupled pump unit

7 hp Economy dual fuel
runs good
HOT L magneto
Clutch pulley loose

16" x 6 1/2" clutch
i've not found any c/b/w's on the engine itself
cutch arms have repairs and one side will need repaired
rare dual fuel model
has muffler and oiler

Cushman binder engine
HOT mag with impulse
shouldn't take much to have running
carb is hooked to gas tank
water pump

pair of Fairmont railroad car engines
$500 each
one says 8 hp and other is about half the size
small one is wired up with coil in box
both look like they are show ready

5 hp Hercules
good compression and shouldnt take much to have running
has the webster mag and bracket
Has bolt on pulley
has half the muffler
has oiler

only break, crack, or weld I have seen is the head

1 hp Rock island
rare model
very neat flywheels
good compression
no breaks. cracks, or welds that I have seen

3 hp Stover w
nice original condition

Creters steam engine

runs nice on air
Base is homemade but is very nice
has the governor

engine is loose
lots of original paint
original governor
rear covers on base
top of cylinder has a couple welds
very nice engine in a rare size

1 1/2 Busy Boy Associated
Good compression and should be easy to have running
Governor side flywheel has a little wobble

Fairbanks Morse 118 compressor unit
ready to go
Unit appears new or rebuilt
comes with the screen with guages

7 hp Kootz & Stroehman
basicly ready to run with propane
cylinder has a repair
regulating vavle

ported exhaust and valve
pendulum governor
Excellent compression ( appears to have been sleeved)

7 hp Hercules base for half base engine
comes with cylinder bolts
make a full base engine into a portable engine
seldom seen part

Large Montgomery hammer mill
nice original piece